1oz Eracer and 1oz Sanitiz


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Scars and blemishes, go away! When skin is damaged, it can result in scars and unevenness from disorganized bundles of fibroblasts (collagen cells). Eracer’s unique formula contains skin-improving ingredients that help with the reduction of scars’ appearance, as well as reducing redness, irritation, and blemishes. Apply it to scratches, acne, scars or stretch marks anywhere on your body; most people see fewer irritations within a day. Some people even saw blemishes disappear overnight. Used over the long term, Eracer may help even old scars smooth and fade.


Don’t waste your time or risk your health with harsh, ineffective sprays! Our quick and easy sanitizer is safe for you and your family, safe for most fabrics, even non-irritating to eyes. With our O2XY™ double-bond oxygen formula, Sanitiz On the Go smothers microbes and deters their activity, without harming your own health. This technology has been used for decades in water purification, and is known to be effective against bacteria and viruses. Also helps neutralize odors, and our naturally-derived formulation is highly biodegradable.


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1oz Eracer and 1oz Sanitiz

1oz Eracer and 1oz Sanitiz

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    Blemishes and ScarsHelps reduce redness, irritations, stretch marks and the number of blemishes Can reduce the appearance of old scars and help mitigate new scarring Canadian Willowherb soothes and calms irritated, inflamed skin  Helichrysum assists in reducing scars and uneven skin tone Tea Tree can assist with alleviating and preventing acne

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    Sanitizer For LifeDoes not dry or irritate skin and eyes Safe to use all over, for the whole family and pets O2XY™ stabilized oxygen deters microbe activity High USDA BioBased (biodegradable) rating No toxins or chemical perfumes

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