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Bamboo Total Body Scrub 2oz

Price $6.95

Mild Exfoliation

  • Exfoliates gently; safe for everyday use without harm to living skin cells
  • Helps to clear blocked pores, which cause blackheads and blemishes
  • Smooths around hair follicles for a closer shave
  • With repeated use, can help loosen and remove dry, dead skin, scaliness and calluses
  • Softens skin and prepares it for moisturizing

Body Lotion- Vanilla Cream...

Price $5.95

Decadent Moisture

  • Unique blend of rare botanicals penetrates quickly, infusing lasting softness and supple skin
  • Helps reduce dryness and skin stress from daily activities and environmental factors
  • Light, yet rich moisturization; a little goes a long way!

Bugz Spray 1oz

Price $5.50

Bug Repellant & Bite Relief

  • Safe for the whole family, with no DEET or toxic insecticides
  • Andiroba seed oil has been shown to be effective against numerous bugs, including Aedes Aegypti, Aedes Albopictus & Musca Domestica
  • Essential oils like peppermint, lavender and rosemary soothe skin as they help deter bugs
  • Fresh, natural scent and botanical oils leave skin glowing

Cleanz Everything 2oz

Price $2.57 Regular price $3.95 -35%
  • Affordable, saving you money and space by replacing numerous products 
  • Cleans most surfaces in the home, including grease, hard water and stains
  • Does not cause skin dryness or redness from use: no gloves needed
  • -35%

D-Odor Spray 1oz

Price $3.95

Aluminum-Free Deodorant

  • Contains none of the dangerous chemicals found in many other deodorants and antiperspirants, like sulfates, glycols, aluminum and its salts
  • Naturally-derived saccharomyces ferment fights both odor and wetness, with live enzymes that break down sweat molecules 
  • Oat kernel extract soothes and assists to prevent irritation, helping skin maintain its equilibrium

O2xyBrite Tooth Polish 10...

Price $3.55

Cleanses & Refreshes

  • Safe, gentle cleaning equals brighter smiles for the whole family
  • O2XY™ is a unique double bond oxygen that smothers and helps deter microbes, encouraging better breath and less decay
  • Free of fluoride, sulfates, and health warnings on most toothpastes
  • Sweetened with xylitol, preferred by dentists for its low glycemic impact

Safe4U Hand Sanitizing...

Price $3.20
  • Safe to use all over, for the whole family and pets
  • Use on hands, hard surfaces, shoes, steering wheels, high traffic touch points and more!
  • Moisiturizing to not dry out hands with multiple uses
  • Pleasant Citrus & Ginger aroma
  • Safe for children under 6 with adult supervision

Sanitiz On-The-Go 1oz

Price $3.95

Sanitizer For Life

  • Does not dry or irritate skin and eyes
  • Safe to use all over, for the whole family and pets
  • O2XY™ stabilized oxygen deters microbe activity
  • High USDA BioBased (biodegradable) rating
  • No toxins or chemical perfumes

Sudz Laundry Liquid 2oz

Price $1.72 Regular price $2.65 -35%
  • FREE from toxic chlorines, phosphates, optical whiteners and brighteners
  • FREE from carcinogenic chemical fragrances
  • Coconut-derived cleansing agents are safe for even the most delicate fabrics, including stockings
  • Concentrated; HE (High Efficiency) compatible
  • Scent Free: personalize Sudz by adding your favorite READY•SCENT•GO scent concentrates Citrus Burst or Lavender Fields
  • -35%

Tamanu Conditioner 2oz

Price $3.54 Regular price $5.45 -35%

Condition with Confidence. Tamanu Conditioner is a salon quality product without the harmful phthalates and parabens found in many conditioners. 

  • -35%

Tamanu Shampoo 2oz

Price $5.35

Wild Orange

  • Free of the sulfates and parabens found in most hair care products
  • Tamanu seed oil contains essential fatty acids to treat split ends, improve moisture retention, and protect against environmental damage
  • Hydrolyzed quinoa contains all 8 essential amino acids, and can help improve hair’s structure and strength

Wild Ginger Hand Wash 2oz

Price $2.57 Regular price $3.95 -35%

For Busy Hands

  • Proprietary blend of passionfruit, acai, babassu and rice bran oil moisturize hands as you cleanse
  • Contains omega-6, flavonoids and medium-chain fatty acids to replenish your skin and restore suppleness
  • Aloe base nourishes and hydrates
  • Toxin-free, natural and safe to use all day, every day
  • -35%

Wild Thing Shower Gel 2oz

Price $4.50

Citrus, Vanilla & a Hint of Peppermint

  • Cationic charged ingredients immediately bind to moist skin, supporting resistance against the effects of chemical additives in water
  • Soothing, nutrient-rich cleansing gel can improve skin’s health and hydration
  • Made with naturally-derived and biodegradable ingredients
  • Scintillating scent frees your senses