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Beauty Care

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Açai Polishing Complex 2oz

Price $18.95

Release your skin’s glow and beauty with this gentle exfoliating micro-scrub.

  • Lightweight, fine particles remove dead skin cells, eliminating dull, uneven skin tones
  • Açai flavonoids infuse antioxidant power, supporting your skin’s defense against environmental stessors
  • May help reduce inflammation, leaving skin radiant, smoother, and healthier looking.
  • Excellent for all skin types

AcneTx™ Cleanser 4oz

Price $19.95

Clear Skin

Acne or reoccuring blemishes arise when your skin can not clear its natural sebum (oil) fast enough. Pores become blocked & trap bacteria.

  • Does not dry or irritate delicate skin
  • Soothes and smooths your skin with botanical ingredients, while providing the cleansing and exfoliation that opens pores

Argan Gold Moisturizer 1oz

Price $49.95

Hydrating moisturizer

  • Real, rich argan oil, produced by a women’s co-op in Morocco, is a proven superingredient for all skin types.
  • Light, silky-fine moisturizer leaves skin feeling instantly plumper and more elastic.
  • Ideal for sensitive or irritated skin: assists in reducing puffiness and redness.
  • Softens, soothes, and helps restore dry and damaged skin.

Charcoal Mask 4oz

Price $26.95


  • Activated charcoal has adsorptive capabilities, acting like a magnet to neutralize environmental stressors 
  • Can help reduce the impact of radiation from computers and cell phones
  • Deep cleanses and purifies the skin 
  • Fine, rich mask leaves your skin and spirit uplifted

Cleansing Waffles 50 pads

Price $18.95

Improved Make Up Removal Power - 

Non-irritating, safe for eyes. Ideal for teens and children; acne and sensitive skin types. Use 1-2 pads to cleanse face and remove dirt, oil & makeup that can clog pores or cause breakouts. 

CoQ10 Moisturizer 1oz

Price $49.95


  • Vitamin E and Q10 (Squalane and Ubiquinone) work synergistically as an antioxidant defense system • The biomimetic peptide caprooyl tetrapeptide-3 boosts the production of key components of the skin structure 
  • Hyaluronic acid can bind 1,000 times its weight in water, especially important in maintaining optimal lubrication between cell membranes while promoting moisture retention

Eracer Serum 1oz

Price $32.95

Blemishes and Scars

  • Helps reduce redness, irritations, stretch marks and the number of blemishes
  • Can reduce the appearance of old scars and help mitigate new scarring
  • Canadian Willowherb soothes and calms irritated, inflamed skin 
  • Helichrysum assists in reducing scars and uneven skin tone
  • Tea Tree can assist with alleviating and preventing acne

Eye Cream 0.5oz

Price $39.95

Bright Eyes
Here are just a few of the results we have observed from the powerful ingredients in this cream:

  • 54% decrease of eyelid puffiness
  • 67% decrease of bags around the eyes
  • 50% decrease in wrinkles around the eye
  • 43% decrease in dark circles and surrounding area

Foaming Cleanser 6.5oz

Price $21.95


  • The quickest, safest way to cleanse on the go
  • Unique herbal extracts soothe any skin type, helping to reduce redness or irritation
  • Moisture magnets leave skin conditioned, smooth and protected from daily skin stressors

Genie 0.34oz

Price $49.95

Instantly Young

  • All-over skin firming with visible results in minutes
  • Fills the furrows of the skin quickly, smoothing the appearance of fine lines and small wrinkles
  • Fast, noticeable skin tightening and hydration
  • Matte effect evens out skin tone & reduces pore size

Neroli Mist 4oz

Price $22.95


  • Treat your skin with Swiss apple liposomes encapsulated stem cell extract
  • Flowers, fruits and essential oils smooth the appearance of wrinkles and support skin renewal through the release of old cells and growth of new skin
  • Chrysanthemum indicum and camellia sinesis leaf extracts help improve free radical scavenging by up to 50%Assists Balance

NuAge™ Serum 1oz

Price $59.95

Grow Younger

  • Encourages firmer, tighter skin with wrinkle reduction in as few as seven days
  • Targets self-regenerative stem cell technology for renewed youthfulness with 90% positive results in studies after 56 days
  • Biomimetic peptides boost production of key components of the dermal-epidermal junction

NuClarity Cleanser 4oz

Price $21.95


Removes daily impurities and maintains the skin's moisture and pH levels

  • Silt (glacier minerals) gently removes environmental pollutants, makeup and dirt while maintaining skin's balance
  • Canadian Willowherb soothes and calms skin

OxyPlus™ Mist 4oz

Price $19.95


  • Sodium chlorite (stabilized oxygen) renews and supports the elimination of dead cell tissue
  • O2XY™ is a unique double bond oxygen that discourages microbe activity
  • Lavender oil calms irritated skin and helps prevent buildup of excess oil

Perfection Serum 1oz

Price $59.95

Perfect Results

  • Promotes even skin tone by mitigating dark spots caused by chemical damage, aging or acne conditions
  • A multi-faceted serum for lighter, brighter, ageless skin
  • Vitamin C Ester and antioxidants calm stressed, inflamed and blemished skin

VitalEyes™ 0.5oz

Price $37.95


  • Tightens the skin immediately for a quick renewal
  • Used over the long term, can strengthen the skin’s connective tissue
  • Plankton Extract may provide instantly fuller, firmer skin with results lasting up to six hours
  • Our proprietary, botanical “facelift without surgery” blend synergistically boosts skin’s natural renewal processes