Essential Oils


-     GRADE A Essential Oils are among the PUREST and most POTENT in the world.  
-     SAVE MONEY, because a little goes a long way.  
-     They're HARVESTED directly from farms at the optimal times of year. We never use middlemen, and each Essential Oil uses only the best part of the plants and flowers.


CHEAP MASS MARKET OILS: Use the stems and stalks of the plants (along with chemicals) to cut corners. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!
EXPENSIVE OILS: Many companies produce oils at the same manufacturing facilities as the CHEAP MASS MARKET OILS and use the same middlemen to source their oils.


Essential Oils

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Bergamot Oil 15ml

Price $25.95

Uplifts & Inspires

  • Savor physical and psychological relief from congestion
  • Welcome comfort from amped up nerves and anxiety
  • Enhance and uplift your spirit to boost daily inspiration 
  • 100% pure species of Citrus Aurantium Bergamia

Birch Oil 15ml

Price $28.95

Relieves & Affirms

  • Alleviate your aching muscles and joint discomfort
  • Assist in overcoming any feelings of fear or doubt
  • Boost the lasting quality of your endurance and retain tenacity
  • 100% pure species of Betula Alba 

Blood Orange Oil 15ml

Price $13.95

Soothes & Mellows

  • Soothe the ugly discomfort of indigestion
  • Mitigate your mind and bodies bitterness and intolerances

  • Cherish the harmonizing capability you’ll feel while adapting to life’s daily chores
  • 100% pure species of Citrus Aurantium Dulcis

Cinnamon Oil 5ml

Price $20.95

Energizes & Alleviates

  • Amplify your energy level and help dismiss exhaustion
  • Conquer your day and relieve some stress
  • Penetrate the skin to help ease inflammation
  • 100% pure species of Cinnamomum Zeylanicum Bark

Cypress Oil 15ml

Price $25.00

Soothes & Relieves

  • Alleviate breathing disorders by inhaling, diffusing or using as a vaporizer
  • Assists in relieving pain such as cramps and arthritis
  • Soothes broken skin and varicose veins 
  • Supports and relaxes your nervous system and enhances proper liver function
  • 100% pure species of Cupressus Sempervirens

Elemi Oil 5ml

Price $13.95

Calms & Rejuvenates

  • Calm, balance and center to mind to relieve stress and nervous exhaustion
  • Rejuvenate dull, lifeless and mature skin and help diminish lines and blemishes
  • Soothe many discomforts such as respiratory conditions, wounds and skin infections
  • 100% pure species of Canarium Commune

Geranium Rose Oil 15ml

Price $36.95

Alleviates & Awakens

  • Help strengthen your body’s immune system as well as a sense of security in your mind
  • Alleviate the minds thoughts of stress need to be perfectionist
  • Promote a more relaxed an comfortable sleep
  • 100% pure species of Pelargonium Graveolens

Grapefruit Oil 15ml

Price $14.95

Uplifts & Restores

  • Restore your spirit with energy and vitality and gaining better concentration
  • Help suppress your appetite to aid your diet to burn fat
  • Support relief with headaches and mental fatigue
  • 100% pure species of Citrus Paradisi

Helichrysum Oil 5ml

Price $73.95

Cleanses & Purifies

  • Help relieve spasms and coughs and gain warmth to the respiratory system
  • Accelerate your healing for scars and sports injuries
  • Can be used in reducing inflammation
  • 100% pure species of Helichrysum Angustifolium

Lemon Oil 15ml

Price $12.95

Clarifies & Promotes Well Being

  • Boost your immune system
  • Help relieve sore throat, mouth inflammations and tonsillitis
  • Can be a helpful disinfectant for chopping boards and countertops
  • 100% pure species of Citrus Limon

Lemongrass Oil 15ml

Price $14.95

Combats & Dispels

  • Help regenerate and strengthen connective tissue and ligaments
  • Mitigate the stench and bacteria from athlete’s foot  
  • Relieve mental fatigue and use as sedative to calm the mind
  • 100% pure species of Cymbopogon Schoenanthus

Lime Oil 15ml

Price $13.95

Enlivens & Purifies

  • Boost your immune system and relieve stress, exhaustion and anxiety
  • Help treat harsh bleeding from cuts and other wounds
  • Support expelling acne and other skin problems 
  • 100% pure species of Citrus Aurantifolia

Love Oil Blend 15ml

Price $49.95

Love is in the air and not just romantically

  • Helps provide a deep sense of belonging
  • Nurtures confidence
  • Increases our ability to restore & replenish
  • Can provide aphrodisiac benefits.

Peppermint Oil 15ml

Price $19.95

Eases & Refreshes

  • Alleviates stomach problems as well as respiratory issues.
  • Eases pain and comfort stress and nervous system problems.
  • Benefits Hair, skin and dental health.
  • 100% pure species of Mentha Piperita

Ravensara Oil 5ml

Price $24.95

Dispels & Boosts

  • Helps uplift the mind and dispel depression.
  • Can reduce spasms and alleviate joint and muscle pain.
  • Aids in calming excessive sweating and facilitate absorption of nutrients in the body
  • 100% pure species of Ravensara Aromatica

Spearmint Oil 15ml

Price $22.95

Stimulates & Rejuvenates

  • Alleviates fatigue, headaches and digestive problems.
  • Aids in proper functioning of all organ systems.
  • Helps open and release emotional blocks.
  • 100% pure species of Mentha Viridis

Thyme Oil 5ml

Price $29.95

Encourages & Stimulates

  • Supportive as an anti-spasmodic to soothe muscle contractions.
  • Benefits the circulatory system as well as immune boosting.
  • Helpful for the digestive system to regulate flatulence and menstrual irregularities.
  • 100% pure species of Thymus Vulgaris

Verbena Oil 5ml

Price $21.95

Stabilizes & Optimizes

  • Eliminates dizziness, headache, cerebral vasospasm.
  • Aid relief from respiratory conditions such as asthma.
  • Can act as a fever reducer and a digestive stimulant.
  • 100% pure species of Verbena Officinalis