Aromatherapy for Weight Loss

Aromatherapy for Weight Loss

After lots of research, reading and trying different ways of dieting it really comes down to exercise and eating healthy.  If eating healthy and exercising are really the best ways to lose weight or slim down you may wonder why there are so many remedies in this list.  Well that’s because there are still some natural remedies that will help with your end goal.  

Essential Oils that Help You Slim Down

Grapefruit Essential Oil

Promotes a super boost in metabolism and helps reduce the appetite to burn fat.  This oil activates enzymes that help your body break down fat.  Grapefruit oil is created from the peel of a grapefruit and is very high D-Limonene which helps increase metabolism.  It also cleanses and drains your lymphatic glands.  

Using Grapefruit Essential Oil can also be beneficial as a diuretic and lymphatic stimulant which can decrease the look of cellulite.  This incredible oil is known as the number one oil to help burn fat because it increases endurance, helps reduce weight gain, decreases body fat and improves overall physical performance.  

Cinnamon Essential Oil

Surges energy both mentally and physically.  This oil helps to regulated blood glucose levels and is a fantastic oil for diabetes as well.  Cinnamon also helps balance blood sugar and the craving for sugar which then helps with weight loss long term.  

Having Cinnamon Essential Oil close is helpful when your blood sugar is unstable to curve overeating, low energy as well as reduce inflammation.  Cinnamon is most often considered the second best essential oil to use when slimming down.  

Lemon Verbena Essential Oil 

An effective oil to use when slimming down as it helps to reduce the munchies and assists in preventing you from eating between meals.  This oil is also very low in calories plus it helps increase your metabolism and burn fat.  Just like many, people have concerns when it comes to healthy digestion whereas Lemon Verbena has a stimulating effect for this issue.  

Start using Lemon Verbena to shred those unwanted pounds.  You can use this oil to increase energy as well as sooth your stomach complaints.  This oil can also be helpful to reduce your appetite.


There is a process that your body normally go through when you are trying to slim down.  Your body transforms fat (protein and carbohydrates) into saved energy.  Calories are used to measure this energy through this process.  If there is additional stored energy that you don’t need it will be saved.  When you are trying to slim down you must dissipate more “calories” than you take in.  If you used up more than you are consuming your body uses the saved fat and turns it into energy.  This doesn’t mean it disappears it just changes form to a healthy fat.  There are also environmental and genetic factors one has to take into consideration to determine how the above process takes place for each person.  

9 Added Remedies When Slimming Down



This oil is a healthy replacement fat.  Read more about losing weight with healthy MCT’s at Boost Your Health With Triglycerides.



Working out of course is essential.  Keep your blood flowing, metabolism boosted and feel good about your overall health!



Helps with healthy digestion and can always be added green tea which is still debatable regarding its weight loss benefits.  



A highly researched stimulant that helps fight fatigue and boost energy as well as mental alertness.  



This is more of a trickster, as the flavor can trick your stomach into thinking it’s getting more than it really is which then reduces the appetite. 



Having a routine is crucial because keeping consistency will keep you from being discouraged.  If you’re not staying on track then you may not see the results you are aiming for. 



This is an incredible stress fighter; combatting stress is very important as many know stress can have a damaging effect toward weight gain/loss. 



Vital as this helps restore and rejuvenate your body.  Getting the right amount of sleep with help ensure that you are successful at losing the weight you are aiming to. 



Intake is very important as it keeps everything running smoothly by helping to burn fat, digest food better and curb the appetite.

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