Halloween Skincare

Halloween Skincare

With all the Halloween fun and makeup, don't forget to pamper your skin!

The best part? All of the products listed are perfect for the entire family!

Start by cleansing all of the makeup or face paint off with Chaé Organics Cleansing Waffles or Foaming Cleanser. The Cleansing Waffles are non-irritating, safe for eyes. Ideal for teens and children; acne and sensitive skin types. Use 1-2 pads to cleanse face and remove dirt, oil & makeup that can clog pores or cause breakouts. For soft, bright, clean and soothed skin in an instant use the Foaming Cleanser!  Quickly wash away dirt and makeup without harming your skin’s moisture barrier. Added herbal extracts and essential oils assist in the rejuvenating process, so your skin isn’t just clean—it shines. Use 1-2 pumps on a soft washcloth to gently cleanse away makeup and face paint.

Facial Cleansers and Pumpkin 

Still have stubborn make up or face paint that just won't come off? Use Chaé Organics Açai Polishing ComplexAçai Polishing Complex is a feather-light, nutrient-rich exfoliating complex formulated to lift away dead skin cells to reveal the fresh, healthy skin beneath. Rich with the antioxidant power of Açai berries, skin-brightening fruit acids, micro-exfoliating pumice, and nutrient-rich glacial minerals, this complex brightens and lifts skin with almost no scrubbing.

Açai Polishing Complex Pumpkin

Final Step! Purify your skin and uplift your spirit with Chaé Organics Charcoal Mask, a richly active, deeply cleansing mask for the face and body. Activated charcoal is proven to draw toxins out of the body. Our finely-textured and luxurious charcoal mask also delivers anti-inflammatory benefits from Omega-6-rich passion fruit seed, antioxidant protection from açai oil, as well as deep moisturization and protection to help skin repair and release impurities and imperfections. 

Charcoal Mask Pumpkin

Viola! Refreshed, radiant skin ready for tomorrow!

Have a Happy Halloween!

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