Brain and Body Boost - Boost your Essential Oils!

Brain and Body Boost - Boost your Essential Oils!

Brain and Body Boost is an amazing product that delivers sustained, natural energy without the crash and can be taken up to 1 Tbsp. straight, used in coffee and teas, or even used to oil pull to help promote your oral health!Brain and Body Boost and Essential Oils

Did you know that Brain and Body Boost can also be used as a carrier oil?

RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) certified fractionated coconut/palm oil is amazing as a carrier oil because it is a clear odorless, non-greasy oil. Carrier oils are used in essential oil recipes for oils that will come in contact with your skin and need to be diluted. It absorbs quickly to nourish, moisturize, and soften the skin. With the added skin health benefits of Raspberry Seed Oil and Muscadine Grape Seed Oil, Brain and Body Boost becomes one of the most important additions to your essential oil arsenal!

Most oils need to be diluted before application to the skin because they are extremely potent. Essential oils are great for our health but we don’t want to put ourselves at risk for toxicity or build up in our bodies. This is why it is so important to use caution when handling and applying the oils. Whether mixing to put directly on the skin or for a roller ball, the correct dilution is also important and always dilute into x2 the carrier oil when using essential oils on children.

1% Dilution = 1 drop per teaspoon of carrier oil or 5-6 drops per ounce. Recommended for children over the age of 6, pregnant women, elderly adults, people with a sensitive skin type, and those with preexisting conditions. This is the dilution recommended when using essential oils topically, for massage or in lotions and rubs.

2% Dilution = 2 drops per teaspoon of carrier oil or 10-12 drops per ounce. Ideal for most normal adults to use in daily aromatherapy or topical application.

3% Dilution = 3 drops per teaspoon of carrier oil or 15-18 drops per ounce. Ideal for treating temporary health concerns and topical application for muscle pain, injury or respiratory problems.

25% Dilution = 25 drops per teaspoon of carrier oil or 125-150 drops per ounce. There are many essential oils that can be used at this strength. Some can even be used with no dilution, or “neat.” This dilution percentage is recommended for use with healthy adults, and we advise that you use caution as some people will notice irritation or increased sensitivity to oils at this potency.


While the use of essential oils is considered safe, the compounds found within the plant essences are very concentrated and potent. If ever you or a loved one ingests an essential oil, please do not hesitate to contact Poison Control. If you or a loved one are feeling ill after application or have an allergic response please see your physician or contact emergency response immediately.

 †These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

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