10 Self-Care Tips

10 Self-Care Tips

Self-care is important to remember even when we are busy! Here are 10 ideas to nourish yourself mind, body and soul.

Journal – Take 5 minutes to write whatever is on your mind. Write about your joys, your stressors, or your emotions to let go of. Try creative writing or even just doodle!

Diffuse Lavender – Lavender is calming and relaxes the body and mind. Diffuse a few drops or create a room spray! Chaé Organics Lavender Essential Oil 

Rub your wrist pulse point – In times of stress, gently rubbing the pulse point on the inside of your wrist can have a calming effect.

Say an affirmation – Diffuse a few drops of Bergamot or Blood Orange essential oil and repeat to yourself your favorite affirmation such as “I am enough”, “I am strong” or “I am loved.” Chaé Organics Bergamot Essential Oil  Chaé Organics Blood Orange Essential Oil 

Say “Thank you” – Say thank you to yourself, to the ones you love, and to those who help you. Expressing gratitude can open us up to a higher level of appreciation for what we have in life!

Take a relaxing shower or bath – Treat yourself! Take the time to create an atmosphere with your favorite aromas, salts, scrubs, hair care, etc. and melt away your worries and troubles. (check out our personal care section!)

Dance for 5 minutes – Get up and move! Put on your favorite music as loud as you can (respectfully remembering neighbors and noise ordinances) and let go and groove!

Drink water – Fill a tall glass with your favorite fresh fruits and let them infuse with your water. This encourages us to drink and keep hydrated and nourish our body!

Brush your hair and your teeth – It may be the smallest, simplest self-care actions that can have the greatest impact. Stress and depression can manifest in small amounts of personal neglect. Take the time to take care of your basic personal hygiene.

Smile – Seriously! Just smile really big and focus on something joyful! (Puppies and kittens?!) It may feel silly but regularly smiling has been shown to actually decrease stress!

What are your favorite ways to take care of yourself? Do you have a favorite product to treat yourself with?

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