10 of the Best Essential Oils for the Fall and Winter

10 of the Best Essential Oils for the Fall and Winter

Fall is here and with the crisp air and crunchy fallen leaves comes airborne illnesses and darker days.

Keep yourself healthy and your days brighter with these essential oils!

Cinnamon – The energizing scent of Chaé Organics Cinnamon Essential Oil makes it perfect for fall and the colder weather! Diffuse for amplifying your energy level and to dismiss exhaustion. Conquer your day and relieve stress! Apply diluted topically to sooth inflammation and achy joints! Spice oils such as Cinnamon Essential Oil are quite strong, so to diffuse we recommend blending it with a citrus oil such as Chaé Organics Blood Orange Essential Oil or Chaé Organics Bergamot Essential Oil for a lovely, less spicy diffuser blend.

Blood Orange –Chaé Organics Blood Orange Essential Oil is a sunny citrus essential oil known for its uplifting qualities that help stimulate happiness and an easy-going attitude. This is especially helpful in the fall and wintertime as so many are affected by the longer, darker days. It is one of the most versatile essential oils and can be mixed with many others to create uplifting diffuser blends!

Helichrysum – Suffering from allergy symptoms? Diffuse Chaé Organics Helichrysum Essential Oil to combat the congestion, sinus inflammation and sneezing brought on by seasonal allergies! Helichrysum is a powerful detoxifier and healing oil. For small cuts and scrapes, Chaé Organics Helichrysum Essential Oil can be used neat. To sooth and assist the healing process of dry, chapped fall and winter skin, dilute a few drops into a bit of your favorite moisturizer.

Peppermint – Peppermint Essential Oil is the more powerful companion of Spearmint oil. It has great stimulating properties and headache relieving benefits and is a very versatile oil. Chaé Organics Peppermint Essential OilEssential Oil is very good for pain as it has cooling, antispasmodic properties. To use apply 2-3 drops topically, diluting if needed. Inhaling diffused peppermint can aid in respiratory relief from allergies, colds, and even soothes a scratchy throat. Itchy dry fall/winter skin? Combine 2-3 drops with Chaé Organics Brain and Body Boost or your favorite lotion/moisturizer and rub into area of concern! Avoid putting Peppermint Essential Oil near the eyes.

Lemon – This bright, happy essential oil is a powerhouse! Chaé Organics Lemon Essential Oil supports the lymphatic system which helps the respiratory system during allergy and illness seasons! Diffuse to help alleviate any congestion. Lemon is also amazing for cleaning and disinfecting your home! For a powerful kitchen surface cleaner mix 29 drops of Chaé Organics Lemon Essential Oil , 25 drops of Chaé Organics Tea Tree Essential Oil , and 9 drops of Chaé Organics Lavender Essential Oil  in a 6 oz glass spray bottle. Add 2.5 oz each of distilled water and white vinegar. Shake well before using to spay and wipe down hard surfaces.

Tea Tree – Chaé Organics Tea Tree Essential Oil is a highly antiseptic oil that it useful for cleaning and disinfecting. It is the perfect oil to use during illness seasons and fights both airborne and surface germs, bacteria, and viruses! Diffuse to reduce allergies caused by airborne irritants as well as fighting congestion, coughs, and the common cold. Tea tree is also effective in reducing inflammation and soothing irritation of skin conditions from dry itchy scalps to minor skin irritations. Add a drop to your shampoo or moisturizer to help improve your skin health this winter!

Frankincense – Chaé Organics Frankincense Essential Oil is perfect for the fall and winter. When diffused it has been shown to improve the mood and reduce stress. Frankincense has been shown to boost the immune system while and as a disinfectant can be used in your favorite cleaning solution to combat cold and flu germs! Add 5 drops to the Lemon Kitchen Cleaner Recipe above OR add 10 drops to your 6 oz Chaé Organics Cleanz Everything Dilution Bottle (20 drops for a 16 oz dilution bottle) before creating your Cleanz Everything Citrus Burst or Cleanz Everything Scent Free dilution solution.  Frankincense also has the ability to strengthen skin and improve the skins appearance which makes it perfect for the cold months when your skin needs a little extra help! Dilute a drop with your favorite serum or moisturizer to help keep your skin even and healthy!

Cypress – Chaé Organics Cypress Essential Oil is a woodsy essential oil that has warming properties. Because of its antispasmodic qualities it can be used diluted topically to reduce spasms, increase blood circulation and ease pain. Hands feeling cold and cramping after raking up all the leaves in the yard or shoveling snow? Dilute a drop or two with a little Chaé Organics Brain and Body Boost and rub into hands to relieve discomfort. Avoid touching your eyes. Cypress is also great for clearing up congestion and eliminating phlegm!

Bergamot – Chaé Organics Bergamot Essential Oil has a slightly warm citrus aroma and is stimulating to generate feelings of refreshment and renewed energy. Bergamot is also very relaxing and soothes the nerves, relieving anxiety and stress. It pairs well with most oils as it has a citrus base and makes for a more full bodied diffuser blend with multiple benefits!

Ravensara – Chaé Organics Ravensara Essential Oil is another oil that can do it all! It helps to uplift the mood, soothes muscular and joint pain, boosts the immune system, dispels coughs, and disinfects! Diffuse to brighten your mood and boost your immune system. Dilute with Chaé Organics Brain and Body Boost and use topically on the chest to break up phlegm and combat a cough. Use in a cleaning solution to disinfect the surfaces of your home!

Which are your favorite essential oils to use during the fall and winter?

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