7 Verbena Essential Oil Tips

7 Verbena Essential Oil Tips

The most Potent Verbena Oil (Lemon Verbena) is acquired by using the youngest, richest leaves from the Verbena plant. When the first flowers begin to open, the leaves then produce the most optimum flavor. The Purest oil is obtained when
harvested by hand with sharp sterilized secateurs.

1.) Weight Loss - Verbena can be particularly effective for weight loss especially when eating wisely. 
2.) Skin Disorders - Beautify your complexion with Verbena Oil as it helps cleanse and tone the skin. Its moisturizing ability provides a more youthful glow to your skin.
3.) Analgesic Repair Action - Recovery can often slow down healing with injuries to joints and muscles causing lack of mobility.  However, Verbena Oil helps facilitate faster recovery times.
4.) Anxiety - Feel the boost relief from stress, anxiety and headaches using Verbena Oil.
5.) Hormones - It is know to have a positive impact on balancing the hormones.
6.) Digestive Issues - It provides soothing qualities that have been traditionally relied on to relieve stomach issues and indigestion are from Verbena Oil.
7.) PMS - It can help calm the stomach and eliminate cramping and bloating, that leads to discomfort.

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