Sitting in the Hot Seat

Sitting in the Hot Seat

The University of Cincinnati researchers found a link between prenatal exposure to flame retardants and other chemicals linked to behavioral problems in children. Even low-level chemical exposure can significantly impact a child's development.

Before you ditch your couch remember that small, simple changes can still make a significant impact in protecting your family's health. 

Here are 3 simple tips to protecting yourself and family from flame retardants. 

  1. Frequently clean the surfaces in your home, and vacuum your floors often. Make sure you are

  2. As you can, replace your cookware with ceramic or stainless steal cookware that does not contain non-stick surfaces.

  3. Next time your child outgrows his pajamas purchase him sleepwear that is made from organic cotton and does not contain any flame resistant chemicals. While you're at it, consider making sure his or her bedding doesn't have flame retardants either.

Remember, small changes add up when protecting our family. #trashthetoxins

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Brittany helped create and launch a natural products company in 2013 and remained active until January 2015. The company was acquired later that year. She created the first ever ToxicFree® Certification Program and led a national movement to educate families about the dangers of chemicals contained in products that consumers use every day to clean their home, their bodies and their children. Weekly, alongside her friends and contributors, Brittany publishes the Toxic Free Blog and is the author of a ToxicFree® educational series and co-author of several Toxic Free learning programs. Brittany is a recognized advocate for living a ToxicFree® lifestyle and is working with branded personalities to spread the movement around the world.

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