Embracing Winter with Hygge

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What is the concept of Hygge? Click to find out how the Danish survive and appreciate their long winters!

Winter is here and if you are in a region where winter seems to last forever, you may be dreading the long, dark nights. Don’t get discouraged though! The Danish have a concept to help with those winter blues! It’s called Hygge (hue-guh) and it acknowledges the feeling of being cozy and content, even in the middle of winter. There is no set way of doing Hygge, it is more of the realization of what helps you feel safe and fulfilled. Hygge encourages finding balance in the chaos of life (especially in wintertime) and slowing down to appreciate the things that we love.

Ways to introduce Hygge into your life this winter:

1. Change into your comfiest clothes after a long day out in the winter weather

2. Make and eat a hearty stew or soup

3. Dim the lights and light a few beeswax or soy base candles or plug in some soft white Christmas lights

4. Have a nice cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate

5. Wrap up in your favorite cozy blanket

6. Read a book, listen to music, or watch a comforting movie or TV show

7. Play a board game with your loved ones

8. Take a (safe) candle lit bath or shower and relax with your favorite products

9. Diffuse your favorite relaxing essential oils before bed to help you wind down and sleep better

10. Greet each morning by taking a moment to appreciate the ever changing landscape and how beautiful winter can be!

What do you do to stay cozy and fulfilled during the wintertime? 


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