Reducing Your Everyday Toxic Load - Where to Start?

Where to start when trying to reduce the toxic load we carry every day.

Everyday we encounter toxic chemicals and carcinogens that can wreak havoc on our bodies. From the skincare products you use, the perfume you spray, the cleaning products and laundry detergent used, you could be absorbing toxins into your body. This can cause health problems such as fatigue, headaches, and much more. Usually, our bodies can get rid of these toxic burdens, but as we age it becomes harder for our bodies to do this. So, it's time to start ditching those chemical filled products and start reducing your everyday toxic load!

When starting to switch your products to those that do not contribute to the toxic load we encounter every day, start with those that come in contact with your skin the longest. Personal care and beauty care products that stay on your skin all day such as deodorant, lotions, moisturizers, serums, and sunscreens should be replaced with ToxicFree® versions as soon as possible. Shampoos and wash off products are next on the list of ToxicFree® personal care swaps! If you have children or grandchildren consider swapping to a fluoride free toothpaste such as Chaé Organics O2XY™ Brite Tooth Polish as well as the Baby Shampoo n’ Wash for ToxicFree® bath time! Small bodies and those with weakened immune systems are much more susceptible to the toxic overload of harmful chemicals in products and their environment.

Household products such as laundry detergents or surface cleanser/sanitizers should be replaced as we are in contact with these quite frequently as well. When you wash your clothing with typical mainstream products, you are not only removing the dirt but also adding a layer of chemicals to them in the form of synthetic fragrances and softeners. These not only end up trapping more dirt and grime but eventually leave your clothing worn out and feeling awful. When you switch to Chaé Organics Sudz Laundry Liquid Concentrate you increase the longevity of your clothing and towels while saving money! Ever spray down your counter with a cleaner only to find yourself in a coughing fit and having to open the windows to get fresh air? Most cleaners contain VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which irritate your respiratory system and cause more problems the more they build up in the home. Chaé Organics cleaning products such as Cleanz Everything Citrus Burst or SuperPowerz do not release VOCs and will not contribute to the airborne toxic overload in your home!

Our last suggestion in how to reduce your toxic chemical load is to use G-Force Glutathione Super-Antioxidant Cream. If you aren’t yet aware of the transformative powers of glutathione—the most powerful known antioxidant, and the only one native to your own body—we urge you to research and discover more. Glutathione helps the body remove and protect against free radicals, toxins and heavy metals—environmental stressors that we are all exposed to on a daily basis. As we age, our bodies produce less glutathione naturally, allowing for these stressors to affect us more and more. Because it is produced naturally by your body, glutathione treatments truly work with your own equilibrium. It is an investment worth making for your overall health!

If this is all old news to you, spread the word to those who don't know! Organic, natural, and ToxicFree® products are the best way to help improve overall health and reduce your toxic load. 

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