The Facts About Shampoo Lather

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Do you need lots of shampoo lather to ensure your hair is clean? Get the facts here!

Some natural shampoos don’t seem to lather a great deal and we get asked quite often, "How can a shampoo clean your hair without a lot of lather?"

Lots of lather doesn’t mean cleaner!

Shampoos don’t need to generate lots of suds to clean hair effectively. Here’s what happens when you shampoo—detergent and soap molecules have two ends: a hydrophilic (water-loving) “head” and a lipophilic (oil-loving) “tail.” The oil-loving tails attach to the oil and dirt in your hair. When you rinse, the water-loving heads attach to the rinse water, so the oil and dirt are pulled out of your hair. When detergent molecules mix with water and align in a spherical shape, suds, or lather, are formed. Lather doesn’t really assist the cleansing process, except that it might make it easier for you to feel that your shampoo has been evenly distributed.

We’ve been conditioned to like lather, but many shampoos rely on inexpensive, petrochemically derived detergents such as sodium lauryl sulfate /sodium laureth sulfate and chemically tainted cocamidopropyl betaine for their foam-building properties. Shampoos with sulfates and other harsh lathering agents strip out the natural oils from your hair along with what you actually want to cleanse from your hair. Your scalp will overcompensate in it's oil production, making your hair oily faster and in need of a wash more often. These chemicals may cause allergic reactions as well as environmental problems with prolonged use.

Chaé Organics Tamanu Shampoo is made with natural, coconut derived cleansing ingredients that are manufactured toxic free without formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals. Chaé Organics Tamanu Shampoo cleans your hair effectively with a modest lather, just enough to let you know it's distributed throughout your hair! In the beginning you may miss the sudsy lather, until you notice the drastic changes in your hair health! After a few weeks of committing to a ToxicFree® shampoo, your hair will feel softer, more hydrated and color treated hair stays healthier too! You may also find that you need to wash your hair less! 

To make sure that all of our ingredients are toxic free, we require a composition statement before we even consider using an ingredient. A composition statement has every manufacturing process, agent, and aids used so we can be sure that no toxic chemicals ever come in contact with the ingredients we choose to use. We strive to find the best ingredients on the market so you can be sure that you are getting an amazing ToxicFree® product!  


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