The Power of Trans-dermal Glutathione

Do you need Alpha Lipoic for G-Force/Glutathione to work? Alpha Lipoic Acid is considered one of the primary co-factors in Glutathione production.

Do you need Alpha Lipoic for G-Force/Glutathione to work?

Alpha lipoic acid (ALA) IS a powerful antioxidant and has many benefits.  It is considered one of the primary cofactors in glutathione production.  And, there are numerous glutathione cofactors including Vitamins B (complex), C & E, Magnesium and Selenium.

Alpha lipoic acid is known for its ability to stimulate and restore the body’s production of glutathione by stimulating the enzyme GLC and helping cells uptake cysteine amino acid.  More research is definitely required as it has not been confirmed that with the additional of ALA alone, glutathione production and maintenance will be restored. 

It is an entirely different conversation to evaluate why the body is not producing enough glutathione or alpha lipoic acid.  This is something a naturally focused doctor might be able to discover.  This is not what we are able to provide thorough GBN.

G-Force is not designed to stimulate the body to produce Glutathione.  G-Force is formulated to deliver Glutathione transdermally in order for the body to have a replacement level for 12 -24 hours.   A partner company conducted human testing by drawing blood to check the before and after levels of glutathione on 12 people.  The test confirmed there was a rise in glutathione levels in the blood within 30-60 minutes after application of 2 pumps of G-Force rubbed onto the skin.

As we grow older, the body often needs a supplement of Gluthatione daily is because the body’s production slows down each year after the age 20.  Since it has been discovered that approximately 80% of oral doses of glutathione are NOT delivered into the blood stream, it is good to have a resource for high quality transdermal delivery.

In conclusion, Alpha lipoic acid is an important supplement for many people.  If you want to learn more about this nutrition, see:

“If you have a chronic disease, most serious chronic diseases are associated with low levels of Glutathione.”

Yale University's Prevention Research Center

Dr. David Katz, Founding Director


“GSH (glutathione) is one of the most extensively studied chemicals of the human body and its decline with aging and disease and disease risk is well established. GSH is needed both for maintenance of normal metabolism and for defense against a range of disease and toxicity mechanisms.”

Natural Medicine Journal

Dean P. Jones, PhD


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