Tips for Preventing “Maskne”

Tips for preventing "Maskne"

Masks have become a part of everyday life for almost everyone and with it can come “maskne” or acne mechanica. These breakouts and blemishes can come from friction as well as trapped dirt, oil and makeup. If you are experiencing an increase in breakouts around your nose chin and mouth due to wearing a mask, try the following tips!

Before you put on your mask:

1.      Cleanse thoroughly to remove excess oil and dirt using a gentle cleanser such as Chaé Organics Foaming Cleanser or NuClarity Cleanser. Skip exfoliating in the mornings and reserve it for the weekend. Over exfoliating can lead to more blemishes and irritation!

2.      Use a gentle toner such as Neroli Mist and your favorite serum. Our choice? Perfection Serum. It contains Vitamin C Ester and antioxidants to help calm stressed, inflamed, and blemished skin!

3.      Apply a moisturizer to prevent dry skin. Argan Gold Moisturizer is ideal for sensitive or irritated skin.

4.      Wear a thin layer of nourishing lip balm to protect your lips.

5.      If possible, avoid wearing makeup and choose a cloth mask.

After you take off your mask:

1.      Cleanse with non-irritating creamy NuClarity Cleanser.

2.      Treat any blemishes with Eracer Serum. Eracer's unique formula contains skin-improving ingredients that help with the reduction of redness, irritation, and blemishes!

3.      Re-hydrate and nourish your skin with Rejuven8. Rejuven8 helps promote healthy skin, improving the quality and suppleness of skin that is stressed by dryness, sensitivities and toxins. 

Apply a moisturizer with staying power! CoQ10 Moisturizer is a powerful defender with added boots of biomimetic peptide, ethyl ascorbic acid, raspberry and hyaluronic acid to help keep your skin firm, hydrated and supple. Visibly younger-looking, hydration-storing skin with reduced dryness, flakiness and roughness!

5.      Wash your mask! If you use a re-usable cloth mask, make sure you wash it after use. Air dry and avoid using any kind of dryer sheets – click the link to read The Problem with Dryer Sheets to find out why.


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