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Tamanu - Condition with Confidence. Tamanu Conditioner is a salon quality product without the harmful phthalates and parabens found in many conditioners. 

Wild Mint - Treat Your Hair with Intense Care. Let your Confidence Shine. Balanced, highly effective treatment conditioner with the Tea Tree & a bit of Peppermint to assist with scalp conditions while restoring optimal moisture balance.

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Reward Points - 1.7 ea.

Tamanu Conditioner:

Silkier, softer, more touchable hair with the heavenly scent of wild orange and peach. This luxurious conditioner is a salon-quality treatment, without the harmful phthalates, parabens and silicones found in most conditioners. Infused with essential fatty acids found in the Tamanu seed, with the antioxidant and shine-producing power of passion fruit, rice bran, and acai oils, this light, clean-feeling formula nourishes your hair, strand by strand. Fortify, de-frizz, detangle, and unwind. Moisturizing and strengthening for all hair types.

Wild Mind Conditioner:

Intensive care, for hair that thirsts for love. Restore confidence and shine to stressed, sensitive hair with our rich, luxuriant deep-conditioning formula. This balanced formula is a true hair treatment, providing benefits and moisture for everything from frayed ends, to tangles, to dry scalp. Absolutely free of silicones and plastics found in so many conditioners, our formula empowers your hair to renew itself. Feel invigorated with extracts of wild mint and tea tree. 


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