Release your skin’s glow and beauty with this gentle exfoliating micro-scrub.

  • Lightweight, fine particles remove dead skin cells, eliminating dull, uneven skin tones
  • Açai flavonoids infuse antioxidant power, supporting your skin’s defense against environmental stessors
  • May help reduce inflammation, leaving skin radiant, smoother, and healthier looking.
  • Excellent for all skin types
Reward Points - 1.9 ea.

Açai Polishing Complex is a feather-light, nutrient-rich exfoliating complex formulated to lift away dead skin cells to reveal the fresh, healthy skin beneath. Rich with the antioxidant power of Açai berries, skin-brightening fruit acids, micro-exfoliating pumice, and nutrient-rich glacial minerals, this complex brightens and lifts skin with almost no scrubbing.

You will feel and see the Açai berry particles in this formula. Allowing Açai Polishing Complex to sit on your skin for a few moments removes the buildup of dead cells, allowing these nutrient-rich substances to penetrate and enrich the skin beneath.
Your exfoliated skin will breathe more freely and absorb greater benefits from moisturizers and serums.
The result is more radiant, smoother, healthier looking skin with improved texture, reduced dryness and less tendency to develop fine lines and wrinkles.


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