• Synergistic blend may help many skin conditions in a single application including: wrinkles, cellulitis, oily skin and hair loss
  • Contains more than 60 antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients to replenish skin
  • Encourages lasting moisture
Reward Points - 2 ea.

8 luxurious, sought-after oils work together synergistically in this decadent renewing mist. Feel your skin soften and de-stress instantly as these powerful botanicals begin their work. Rejuven8 helps promote healthy skin, improving the quality and suppleness of skin that is stressed by dryness, sensitivities and toxins. Unique actives in this blend have been found to improve a wide array of conditions, including tough-to-treat tendencies such as cellulitis, oily skin and hair loss.

  • Argan oil 
  • Australian sandalwood seed oil
  • Seabuckthorn berry oil
  • Raspberry seed oil
  • Perilla seed oil • Broccoli seed oil
  • Meadowfoam estolide
  • Vitamin E oil

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