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Your Reward Points Account

Signing up as a customer automatically provides you Reward Points.  This is a benefit of being a Go Beyond Natural customer.

Your account is the email address you provided when you first signed up. Your name is NOT used in order to help ensure strict identity protection.

When you shop Reward points are accumulated in your Rewards account, easily located in one of these locations: (1)Click Button Above "Reward Account", (2) Click Your name at top of page or (3) Footer Menu "My Rewards Account".

Ways to Earn Reward Points

You automatically earn Reward Points every time you shop

Each product identifies the point value on the website. 

Rewards points are converted 1 for $1.00.   Example, 25 Points = $25.00.

Reward Points earned will be available to use with future orders.

Points can be used toward purchases for all products.

Payment for remaining balance after redeeming Reward Points will be applied to the CC used.

Reward points are only given on dollars spent, not on the portion of the order redeemed with points

Additional Ways to Earn Reward Points

Share & Earn More Reward Points…
When your friends shop, you earn EVEN MORE POINTS!


You and your friends earn points when they put your email address or your referral code into the “Referred By” section when they create an account.

Always send your friends & family your email address via text, email or social
media so they have an opportunity to receive a FREE gift.

You can invite, share and refer your friends and family quick and easy in the “Referral Program” tab  under “My Account”

When creating a new account, a specific voucher code is generated for the FREE GIFT.  This voucher will remain in their account and all vouchers available are listed for use at checkout.

You can even send people to a specific product page by copying and sending the URL from that page which also contains your account code! 

Redeem Your Reward Points 

Turn your Reward Points into vouchers & use them like cash at checkout!

You will go into “My Account” and create a voucher to begin redeeming your Reward Points.

Redeem points by clicking the voucher at the bottom of your cart and pressing OK.  Your voucher will then be applied to your cart total.

If you have a voucher with a large balance, only the amount needed for the order is removed and the remaining balance will be waiting for you when you place another order.