Calms & Rejuvenates

  • Calm, balance and center to mind to relieve stress and nervous exhaustion
  • Rejuvenate dull, lifeless and mature skin and help diminish lines and blemishes
  • Soothe many discomforts such as respiratory conditions, wounds and skin infections
  • 100% pure species of Canarium Commune

Reward Points - 1.4 ea.

This light balsamic and caraway-like- fragrance oil is extracted from the oleoresin found mainly in resin channels inside the bark where it becomes like wax that shifts into a pasty yellow tint resembling the exquisite crystallized honey color. 

This soft, beautifully fragrant oil is best produced during the rainy seasons where tappers can easily cut oblong strips of bark.  When it is wet there is often greater flow of oleoresin which produces the purest form of Elemi Essential Oil.


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