Supports & Uplifts

  • Aids in strengthening of gums and hair roots.
  • Assists the healing process of cuts and acne as well as slowing wounds from bleeding.
  • Helps prevent dental health issues such as tooth decay and cavities.
  • 100% pure species of Boswellia Carterii
Reward Points - 3.4 ea.

Distilling the purest form of spicy, earthy and slightly fruity aromatic Frankincense Essential Oil must be brought to the US for quality control assurance not to mention the Boswellia tree is difficult to identify because they are leafless and drought-dormant for part of the year.  This ancient oil is harvested under fair trade practice and the pure resin is on a Somali Land source with a more stable government and better traceability with a fine, premium yellow-brown, clear and silvery tone.  


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