Combats & Dispels

  • Help regenerate and strengthen connective tissue and ligaments
  • Mitigate the stench and bacteria from athlete’s foot  
  • Relieve mental fatigue and use as sedative to calm the mind
  • 100% pure species of Cymbopogon Schoenanthus

Reward Points - 1.5 ea.

This potent, perennial, tufted, aromatic grass with plentiful robust cane-like stems that are covered with a waxy-powdery secretion offers the savory fragrance for Lemongrass Essential Oil deriving the purest form from the tip of the leaves where the highest concentration is held. 

The short, ring-shaped rhizomes and extensive rootstock is harvested every 3 to 4 months in many countries over the lifetime of the crop however, smoother stems develop into tall, strap-shaped, tapering linear leaves that arch outwards forming a dense rounded clump of foliage providing the richest Lemongrass Essential Oil.


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