ChaéSCENTial  Love  Essential Oil Blend

Love is in the air and not just romantically

  • Helps provide a deep sense of belonging
  • Nurtures confidence
  • Increases our ability to restore & replenish
  • Can provide aphrodisiac benefits.
Reward Points - 5 ea.

This Love Essential Oil Blend is designed to evoke a spirit of compassion and loving kindness within yourself and in relationships. This blend is for you to use when you desire to have more satisfying relationships personally and in business. It is an emotional rescue remedy that helps evoke optimism, joy and adaptability. You can use this blend to help discover spontaneity and a positive outlook. It helps efficient, hard-working people be less critical and irritable when mistakes happen. 

About our Essential Oils:
ToxicFree® Verified Grade A Essential Oil means Field to Bottle that all processes have been verified to ensure no chemical solvents are used in the extraction of our oils including propylene glycol. We use only premium oils derived from the optimal plant source. For example, our lavender is only from the flowers, we don't use the stems or stalks as less desirable components.


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