Grow Younger

  • Encourages firmer, tighter skin with wrinkle reduction in as few as seven days
  • Targets self-regenerative stem cell technology for renewed youthfulness with 90% positive results in studies after 56 days
  • Biomimetic peptides boost production of key components of the dermal-epidermal junction
Reward Points - 6 ea.

High tech meets nature in this revolutionary wrinkle-targeting serum. Truly going beyond natural, we have identified a highly active, botanically-derived stem cell activator to give your skin its second youth. This award-winning biomimetic actually mimics the activity of youthful skin renewal.
This Auravedic herb is one of the most advanced ingredients since the discovery of stem cells.

Clinical Results include:

  • 7 days: Reduction in vertical wrinkles volume
  • 7 days: Anti‐wrinkle action on lip contour
  • 9 days: Increase in keratinocyte growth factor (KGF) production and regenerative effect
  • 28 days: Reduction in lipstick migration if used twice daily
  • 28 days: Increase in epidermis thickness

Effective on all types of skin, NuAge supports skin with firmer collagen skin with fewer wrinkles—even around the lips and in other areas that can lose elasticity. Your skin renews itself through natural function, regaining radiance, suppleness and the appearance of youth at any age.


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