Perfect Results

  • Promotes even skin tone by mitigating dark spots caused by chemical damage, aging or acne conditions
  • A multi-faceted serum for lighter, brighter, ageless skin
  • Vitamin C Ester and antioxidants calm stressed, inflamed and blemished skin
Reward Points - 6 ea.

Beauty and youthful appeal begin with lustrous, even skin. Our deeply bioactive Perfection Serum encourages the skin to reinvent itself, helping to minimize uneven tone, acne, scars, and premature aging. This sheer, elegantly light formula penetrates deep into skin, releasing cosmeceutical nutrients to cells, including the mother cells which reproduce to create new skin. A multi-faceted serum for lighter, brighter, ageless skin.

  • Assists in mitigation of dark spots and hyper-pigmentation that may be caused by chemical exposure (fragrances), sunburns or scarring. 
  • Provides numerous anti-aging and antioxidant benefits
  • Helps improve acne and reduce scars from blemishes
  • Assists in calming and renewing skin after exposure to sun, environmental stressors and weather 
  • Encourages healing of wounds and scars 
  • Enhances collagen production 
  • Improves skin luminosity

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