• Tightens the skin immediately for a quick renewal
  • Used over the long term, can strengthen the skin’s connective tissue
  • Plankton Extract may provide instantly fuller, firmer skin with results lasting up to six hours
  • Our proprietary, botanical “facelift without surgery” blend synergistically boosts skin’s natural renewal processes
Reward Points - 3.8 ea.

Wake up younger, today and tomorrow. VitalEyes™ is an incredible, unique treatment that instantly brightens and tightens the eye area, and continues providing long-term benefits the more you use it. Clinical studies have confirmed up to 165% collagen repair and synthesis—a miraculous renewal for tired eyes. VitalEyes™ may help with smoothing deep wrinkles, strengthening your skin’s connective tissue, and protecting skin from oxidative stress. The delicate skin surrounding the eyes is easily stressed and weakened, and without treatment will form fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. VitalEyes™ tightens and firms the eye area within minutes, but the real effect is in the long-term collagen renewal that helps your skin maintain its natural youth and vibrance.


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