Charcoal Mask 4oz


  • Activated charcoal has adsorptive capabilities, acting like a magnet to neutralize environmental stressors 
  • Can help reduce the impact of radiation from computers and cell phones
  • Deep cleanses and purifies the skin 
  • Fine, rich mask leaves your skin and spirit uplifted
Reward Points - 2.7 ea.

Purify your skin and uplift your spirit with this richly active, deeply cleansing mask for the face and body. Activated charcoal is proven to draw toxins out of the body. Our finely-textured and luxurious charcoal mask also delivers anti-inflammatory benefits from Omega-6-rich passion fruit seed, antioxidant protection from açai oil, as well as deep moisturization and protection to help skin repair and release impurities and imperfections. For use on skin healing from daily stresses, environmental radiation from electronic devices, and any other sources of stress and toxicity. 


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