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    Did You Know?

    Most traditional, toxic moisturizers contain petroleum-derived ingredients that actually prevent needed moisture from properly absorbing into the skin? However, Chaé Organics ToxicFree Vanilla Cream body lotion delivers real moisture and nutrition for your skin will all natural ingredients like vegetable oils and butters.


    Why ToxicFree®?

    • Synthetics in skin/hair care and household products can cause birth defects, learning disorders, obesity, children's cancer and inflammatory diseases.
    • Ingredients in shampoos, dyes, detergents & sunscreens may be mixing up your hormonal signals.
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    Bug Repellant & Bite ReliefSafe for the whole family, with no DEET or toxic insecticides Andiroba seed oil has been shown to be effective against numerous bugs, including Aedes Aegypti, Aedes Albopictus & Musca Domestica Essential oils like peppermint, lavender and rosemary soothe skin as they help deter bugs Fresh, natural scent and botanical oils...

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    Restores This plumping cream is the ultimate tool for helping promote healthy skin. Evens out skin tones. Assists in plumping the skin for a more youthful look. Helps protect and improve your skin health from environmental skin stress such as smog & city pollution.

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    Uplifts & InspiresSavor physical and psychological relief from congestion Welcome comfort from amped up nerves and anxiety Enhance and uplift your spirit to boost daily inspiration 

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    Cleanses & RefreshesSafe, gentle cleaning equals brighter smiles for the whole family O2XY™ is a unique double bond oxygen that smothers and helps deter microbes, encouraging better breath and less decay Free of fluoride, sulfates, and health warnings on most toothpastes Sweetened with xylitol, preferred by dentists for its low glycemic impact

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    Long LastingReal, instant relief from dry, chapped lips Moisturizes lips, leaving them hydrated so you use less balm, not more Protection and hydration without a waxy feel Chemical-free, without the dehydrating substances found in many balms: you will not become addicted to anything but the feeling of a happy smile                    

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  • $10.95
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    Foam CleanserCan be used with or without water Versatile wash that cleans, sanitizes & moisturizes safely, without harsh chemicals Great for shaving and shower Can be used to safely clean a variety of surfaces including counters, door handles, toothbrushes Safe and easy to use as a fruit & vegetable wash

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    Aluminum-Free DeodorantContains none of the dangerous chemicals found in many other deodorants and antiperspirants, like sulfates, glycols, aluminum and its salts Naturally-derived saccharomyces ferment fights both odor and wetness, with live enzymes that break down sweat molecules  Oat kernel extract soothes and assists to prevent irritation,...

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  • $19.95
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    All Purpose CleanerConcentrate makes up to 32 16oz bottles of household cleaner Affordable, saving you money and space by replacing numerous products  Cleans most surfaces in the home, including grease, hard water and stains Does not cause skin dryness or redness from use: no gloves needed

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    Wild OrangeFree of the sulfates and parabens found in most hair care products Tamanu seed oil contains essential fatty acids to treat split ends, improve moisture retention, and protect against environmental damage Hydrolyzed quinoa contains all 8 essential amino acids, and can help improve hair’s structure and strength

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    FREE from toxic chlorines, phosphates, optical whiteners and brighteners FREE from carcinogenic chemical fragrances Coconut-derived cleansing agents are safe for even the most delicate fabrics, including stockings Concentrated; HE (High Efficiency) compatible Scent Free: personalize Sudz by adding your favorite READY•SCENT•GO scent concentrates Citrus...

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    Multi-Active Blend of enzymes aid in digestion Breaks down carbohydrates, fats and proteins Unlocks nutrients from foods for absorption 1 Billion CFU Probiotics for small & large intestines

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