Performance Beyond Promises

GoBeyondNatural was created with the core Mission of providing you and your family with products that are Certified ToxicFree®, keeping you safe and free from exposure to toxic, carcinogenic and hormone disrupting chemicals.  At the same time, we made certain they were USDA Certified BioBased to protect our fragile environment.  All in all, the goal is to…DO NO HARM.

Our Founder, Linda Chaé has devoted her life to this cause, even lobbying in the U.S. Congress for Right To Know legislation, and meeting with the FDA to ban toxic chemicals that are affecting us all.  Doctors, such as Jon Melliones, head of pediatric critical care at Duke University, and father of nine children, have joined our Board of Directors because they want to see a change for the better.

Direct From The Manufacturer 

Unlike other companies, we made certain you had a full range of products to meet all your needs.  Different celebrities such as Rob Lowe, who are committed to the Mission, have made their products available for you.  Fran Drescher (from The Nanny) and her  Cancer Schmancer Foundation, have fully endorsed all that we are doing.  Collectively we are striving to help improve your Quality of Life.

It was important that we help to educate you regarding chemicals to avoid while bringing you the finest products with the very best natural ingredients, uniquely combined for the best results.  The products have been sold to and used by doctors, plastic surgeons, SPAs, estheticians and people just like you.  All have experienced…Performance Beyond Promises.

We are confident that, once you BELIEVE in the products, you will CARE enough to SHARE the Mission with those that mean the most to you.  Thus we designed a fun and beneficial ‘Tell-A-Friend’ program where everyone can benefit.  And for those of you that have a significant circle of influence or that wish to earn extra monthly income, we created a very unique Affiliate Program.

Together we can make the world a healthier and better place for all.

Meet the Team

Linda Chaé


Consumers trade short-term results from products that contain harmful chemicals without considering the long-term health risks those products can have on their skin and bodies. I have made it my life's mission to educate consumers about the dangers of chemicals in products used every day by families around the world and to create products made from ingredients that are the very best of what Mother Nature has to offer.

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Sean & Tylene Loomer


We eat, breathe and drink toxins every day. While we can't live in a bubble, our homes should be safe havens and that transition to healthy living begins with education. We know how to help you transform your habits to get the bad stuff out and the very best stuff in.

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Dr. Jon Meliones, MD, MS and Christine Meliones, NP


At Duke, my wife and I treat some of the sickest kids in the world, and we've seen firsthand what harmful toxins can do to a body. While we can't control all the toxins we're exposed to on a daily basis, we can control the products we use, and through my research, I've determined ToxicFree® products are among the safest in the world.

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