Soothing Agent

  • Cooling relief to help the skin reduce irritation, inflammation and redness caused by a variety of mild injuries and afflictions
  • Helps the body speed up the healing process of sunburns, wounds, insect bites, burns, skin abrasions and irritations 
  • Safe for use anywhere on the face or body, for children and the whole family
Reward Points - 1.9 ea.

Bites and burns begone. Relief Gel is a natural treatment that soothes irritations instantly and with a lasting therapeutic, protective effect. Clinical studies have proven that key ingredients, like aloe, osha root extract, lavender, helichrysum, olive leaf and oat kernel extract, offer relief from itchy, dry or inflamed skin, and reduce redness. Use Relief Gel immediately on fresh sunburns, insect bites, mild burns, skin abrasions, irritations and other owies—so you can get back to having fun! 


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